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This code is not the latest code. Let me know if you want a copy of
the latest code.

Referrer Tracking Tool.

Edit the .config file to have the following entries:

   name=Affiliates System
      The name of your system
      The database configuration, in the order of:
      DBI:<database type>:<database name>:<host name>:<port>

      The username and password for the database
      The local SMTP server
      The address from which to claim e-mails were sent

      The path to a file containing one word per line and expected to
      be used for generating passwords.

      The page to which to redirect people

      The admin password for this system

The admin password is only used once. See below.

Next, set up your templates, ".template-top" and ".template-bottom".
They can contain the keywords "$name" and "$title". $name is replaced
by the name entry in the .config file. $title is replaced by the title
of the page.

Next, view 'setup?password=foo' with your web browser (where 'foo' is
the password given at the end of your .config file). This will set up
the database tables. If you run it again it should fail.

Finally, add the URIs you want to your database:

   INSERT INTO destinations SET id=1, uri="", type=0;
   INSERT INTO destinations SET id=2, uri="", type=0;
   INSERT INTO destinations SET id=3, uri="", type=1;

Set the number after "id" to one higher each time. The first
destination (id=0) will be prefilled to be whatever you set as the
home page in the .config file when you run setup.