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The files in this directory are part of the PLIF test appliaction, the
precursor to Bugzilla3.

Note: To test this on Apache, make a symlink called "nph-Main" and
point it to the file "Main".

You will also then want to create a .htaccess file containing
something like the following:

# set up the CGI scripts without .cgi extensions
<files nph-Main>
   SetHandler cgi-script

# set up the stylesheets without .css extensions
<files style>
   ForceType text/css

# describe the files
AddDescription "The main part of the PLIF test app" nph-Main

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /libraries/perl/PLIF/tests/

You will also want to make sure that Options +ExecCGI is enabled in
the directory containing nph-Main and that the directory is not
writable by others (drwxr-xr-x).

Finally, if you are using suexec then it won't be able to stat a
symlink to Main, so delete the symlink, rename Main to nph-Main, and
then create a symlink Main that points to nph-Main.


run Main with -d:DProf, then use dprofpp with one of the following

-E vs -I         exclude or include child times: -E is more useful
-l vs -v vs -z   sort by number of calls vs average time spent vs total time spent
-O 15            number of lines to show
-S               the tree vs the list