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The format for is as follows.

There are three types of blocks. Topic blocks define areas that can be
researched. Technology blocks define things that can be built.
Breakthrough blocks define nodes on the technology dependency tree.


Topic blocks have the form:

   Topic: <name of topic>                                                                                   Required first
   Needs: <name of breakthrough dependency>                                                                 Optional, repeatable

The name is what appears in the UI.


   Technology: <name of technology>                                                                         Required first
   Needs: <name of breakthrough dependency>                                                                 Optional, repeatable
   Implementation: <name of actor class> <settings for actor...>                                            Required
   Facility: <name of facility class> <settings for facility...>                                            Optional, repeatable

Currently the name is used to generate the object.


   Breakthrough: <name of breakthrough>                                                                     Required first
   Needs: <name of breakthrough dependency>                                                                 Optional, repeatable
   Difficulty: <number of seconds after it's unlocked before the tech can be found>                         Optional, default: 0 seconds
   Obscurity: <number of seconds after the difficulty is dealt with before it is found, on average>         Optional, default: 1 day
   Topic Bonus: <difficulty bonus modifier> per second from <topic name>                                    Optional, repeatable
   Breakthrough Bonus: <difficulty bonus modifier> from <breakthrough name>                                 Optional, repeatable


A civilisation bound to a solar system discovered a stupendously
hostile race in some other dimension while trying to get some valuable
material from there. In trying to defend themselves they accidentally
set off a solar-system extinction event. They sent everyone they could
in criostorage out on automated ships. These ships, silently going
through space using high tech, subsequently each fail and crash into
various planets, waking random passengers as they do so. The crio has
failed to retain their memories. The library computer has failed. Only
fragements of their history remains.