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Parent Directory - blog.tar.gz 2014-09-24 17:44 630 A dynamically generated tarball of the current version of the blogging software

Hixie's Web log system, as used by and and


 * Apache
     with mod_headers

 * MySQL 3.23.46

 * CVS 1.10.7

 * Expat

 * Perl 5.005_03, including:
     DBI (comes with Perl)
     Data::Dumper (comes with Perl)
     File::Basename (comes with Perl)
     HTML::Entities (comes with Perl)
     HTTP::Headers (comes with Perl)
     HTTP::Negotiate (comes with Perl)
     MIME::Base64 (comes with Perl)
     MIME::Parser (comes with Perl)
     Net::SMTP (comes with Perl)
     Term::ReadLine (comes with Perl)

 * TemplateToolkit 2

 * XML::Parser

 * RPC::XML (this can be a pain to install)

Earlier versions of these programs or modules may work but have not
been tested.


# change to the directory that is the parent of the directory in which you want the blog to reside
cd ~/parent/of/blog/directory

# get the blog software
tar xvfz blog.tar.gz

# rename the "blog" directory to whatever you want to call it
mv blog blogDirectory

# enter that directory
cd blogDirectory

# get PLIF from mozilla CVS (password is anonymous)
cvs -d login
cvs -d co -d PLIF mozilla/webtools/PLIF

# update the permissions
chmod ugo+x index
chmod -R go-w ./

# run setup
./index setup

# to use the blog, just point the browser at the directory